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Club Bauhaus

Backstreet Bauhaus - not just fanfiction.

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The Backstreet Bauhaus was formed by Apassionada Cunningham in May of 2001, as the largest archive of Backstreet Boys fan fiction with over 1300 titles linked. The aim of the Backstreet Bauhaus is to bring together the greatest Backstreet Fan Fiction Writers from all over the world to create one of the most powerful and influential literary sites on the Web. On hiatus since March of 2004, The Bauhaus is making a comeback along with the Boys, and Club Bauhaus is just the beginning.

In that spirit, this community is a resource for Backstreet fans looking for news, pictures, media, fan art, fan fiction and intelligent discussion on Livejournal. Posting is open to all community members, so join us today!

The first rule of Club Bauhaus is you don't talk about Club Bauhaus. Wait. Wrong club. The first rule of Club Bauhaus is that you do talk about Backstreet Boys and fan fiction.

The second rule of Club Bauhaus is you make your contribution original. That means you do not cross-post anywhere else other than your personal journal. We all belong to the same communities, there's no need for four of the same post in a row.

The third rule of Club Bauhaus is you must share the Backstreet love. Pictures (posted under a LJ cut), links to audio/video clips, interviews, reviews and news from a credited source, and fan art (icons, desktops, etc) are all welcome. (Please use a LJ cut for images over 200 pixels and more than three icons.)

The fourth rule of Club Bauhaus is you share your fan fiction (please rate it appropriately and post under a LJ cut) and any other fiction related topics. Share your favorites, recommend the best to us. If you have a challenge idea, post it! If you have a fic request, post it! You never know, your plot bunny might click with someone else. Please note that this community is slash friendly.

The fifth rule of Club Bauhaus is if you post solely for the purpose of promoting your community, website, journal, e-bay auction, concert tickets or any other Backstreet merchandise for sale, it will be removed and your posts will be moderated. If you wish to link to your community, website or journal for a legitimate fan fiction or BSB related reason, feel free to do so.

The sixth rule of Club Bauhaus is not to spam. This is a community built around fan fiction and choosing to ask for radio requests or posting chart positions is probably not a wise choice. Of course, if you have a clever idea for incorporating chart positions into a fanfic, we would love to hear about it. Otherwise, we recommend you visit backstreet_army.

The seventh rule of Club Bauhaus is don't be an idiot teeny-bopper. If you post here just to announce you heard a BSB song on the radio, or to say you've been a fan for X amount of years you will be deleted and moderated.

The eighth rule of Club Bauhaus is to take all of the above with a grain of salt. Really, we're here because we like to have fun writing about the Backstreet Boys. If you have questions, concerns or want to give her pretty things, you may contact the community maintainer, kikiduck at the e-mail address listed above.

Want to be affiliates? Let us know.