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Hope this is allowed...

I'm looking for a Nick Carter fan fic I read a long time ago. Its called Spirit or something... maybe not. Anyway, in it, Nick Carter is a ghost. Thirty years after his death, a girl and her family move into his house. Eventually he reveals himself to her, and basically they fall in love. And on the anniversary of his death, he has to relive his murder.

Thats all I really remember. Anyone know what I'm talking about?? Thanks!!

EDIT: I can't seem to get chapters 2 and 8 to open up! Anyone know how to get them back??
Holiday kiss [Booth/Brennan]

A newbie with a new story...

Hello, everyone...I'm new to the community! As much as I've always loved fan fiction (reading it AND writing it) I haven't tried to write any for a long time and now I've suddenly felt the urge to give it a go again. Now that I've been working on this story for quite a while and I've got several chapters done and edited to my liking--I think--I've got the notion to start posting it here. I'm not certain that anyone will even read it but at least there's always that opportunity for someone to give me some constructive criticism.

I don't want to give a big spiel on it, but I have to say that this story is shaping up to be one that I'm proud of. I got the basic idea for it while watching something on TLC...I say this, because if you like to write, TLC proves to be a good place to get inspiration! Anyway! I saw this show on asset repossession and...I don't know...I'm a loser, so it got the wheels churning in my head. A seedy plot formed and I spent lots of time thinking and it all sort of fleshed out from there. Drop one, Mr. Brian Littrell, into the picture and I've got a starting point. Yay!

I said I wasn't giving a spiel, but I kind of did. So I'm really going to shut up now. Here it is, kids.

Author: Erin
Title: Relentless
Rating: R
Summary: A repo agent fleeing her family's dark legacy, Kendall's only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the heart-stealing cop in the leather jacket refused to let her out of his sight...especially when the attempts on Kendall's life began. Now, teamed up with Brian to stop a relentless killer, Kendall is facing a risk she hadn't reckoned on: falling helplessly, hopelessly in love.

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Um, hi *waves*

I feel kinda dorky doing this because there are some legendary stories and authors referenced just below my post. Having said that...

*takes deep breath* I recently started a new story. It's called Hellcat. It features all of the guys, though it does have a contextual focus on AJ. I'm trying a different approach with this story and am writing it in a kind of tapestry style.

Anyway, yes. If you want to read it, awesome. If not, that's awesome, too. I'll post a fake cut (I hope that's allowed) to the prologue and... yes.

I'm usually not this rambly, I promise.

( Hellcat: Prologue - Brought Low )

Bauhaus Classics Update

August 3, 2005

Added Kristy's (from Under the Sheets) In My Hands, This I Promise You, What Makes You Different and What's Simple is True. Alphabetized the story title lists under each author, because I are smart and meant to do that from the beginning. From now on, fic stragglers added to already archived authors will be put in the proper place, but marked clearly as new.

Also, updated Most Wanted and Ask & Share.

Bauhaus Classics
fame kind of justified his personality

More updates for Classics and a call for recommendations.

Jinnie's added four more of Jennifer's stories to Classics, including "Blow Your Mind" which was written for the Bauhaus Now Or Never contest, and is still one of my favorite stories from that challenge.

(Brian the Avenger is also very good and not at all what the title sounds like.)

I, for once in my life, have been doing quite a bit of fanfic reading, and have a decent sized list of recs I'm going to post as soon as I get a free minute to link them all up pretty. Does anyone else have recs to share? All sizes, fonts, genres and pairings welcome. Feel free to post them to the community, I feel kind of silly making the majority of the posts here, after all, that's what my own journal is for, right?
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