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03. Cry Upon the Storm's Front - Brian smut

Title: "Cry Upon the Storm's Front"
Author: Megan [__dream_on]
Category: Visual, Smut
Word Count: 1,850
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre(s): Alternative Universe, Romantic smut (yeah, it's a genre now)
Characters: Brian Littrell
Rating: NC-17
Warning: The whole story is graphic/detailed sex.
Disclaimer: I have no personal contact with Brian Littrell. He does not know that he's being used as the main character for this story - and I do not claim to have any ownership of his character. Everyone else in the story, though, is mine. Touch them and face the consequences.
Summary: Did I mention that it's smut? That is the plot.
Author's Note: The best piece of smut I've written thus far. Dedicated to xlightof_love. (Love ya, pumpkin!)

A distant rolling of thunder echoed throughout the valley, warning it of the approaching storm. The moon was nowhere to be found, hidden behind heavy rain clouds and leaving the late hour without light. The air was alive with the electricity caused by the upcoming storm and all the inhabitants of the valley were safety tucked in their beds to avoid it. All but two, that is.

The splashing of water broke through the tension-filled air, adding an almost serene feel to the scene. A lighthearted giggle filtered through the atmosphere, sending chills down Brian’s spine. His legs cut through the water as he kicked and his arms pushed outward to keep him afloat. The combination of awkward, somewhat clumsy movements exuded an effortless grace, proving that it was a skill he used over and over.

The water was warm and it clung desperately to his half nude form. The lights at the bottom of the pool provided what the sky lacked. The shadows played across the bronze skin on his chest as he stopped treading and began to move towards her. His feet touched the bottom and he made his way through the water, walking at a painfully slow pace. His blue eyes were riveted on her and his sandy brown hair was slicked back. Water droplets were placed sporadically upon his chest, only drawing more attention to it, and hung to the stubble that occupied his jaw line.

The mosaic like tile of the pool deck was littered with clothes: a dress, pantyhose, black heels, khaki dress slacks, a blue button down silk shirt, black socks, and a pair dress shoes. Erin noticed the mess when she turned her gaze from him to try and slow the beat of her heart. Seeing the discarded garments only made her remember that he was clad only in a pair of black silk boxers. The closer he got, the lower the water came up. It was up to his waist, a few more steps and it would be low enough to display the way the silk hugs his lower torso, plastered against him from the water.

His eyes ate her up. She was pressed against one of the walls of the pool, her face turned to the left, a cheek against the smooth, porcelain skin of her shoulder. Rich blond locks were slicked back, leaving the ends to brush against the middle of her back. Brilliant blue eyes were locked upon their discarded clothes and her thick black lashes lowered, allowing them to rest against her cheeks, blocking out the view for a moment. Her curvy petite frame was clad in her bra and panties set, which happened to be a pale peach color with grapes decorating the fabric.

Erin was unaware that her coverings were stuck to her skin, molding out every little detail, leaving very little to his imagination. She closed her eyes to block out the image of him advancing on her with that predatory, amused smirk on his lips, but it was burned into her mind. Her heart skipped a beat and she drew in a shaky breath, attempting to calm herself. Her tongue rolled over her lips to replenish the moisture there, but it could also be taken for a nervous gesture.

By the time she expelled the breath she’d taken, he was upon her, his chest pressing into hers and forcing her back flush against the tile behind her. Her stomach tied in knots as her gaze rose to meet his. A palm smoothed over her cheek before his lips took possession of hers. Another rumble of thunder was dimmed by her dulling senses.

His lips parted and when his tongue ventured forth, she complied eagerly. His tongue explored her mouth, his palms pressed against the tile on either side of her. Erin’s palms smoothed over his bare chest, allowing her fingertips to explore the rippling pectorals beneath the skin.

Her explorations sent a series of chills down his spine and he found the craving to taste the sweetness of her flesh overcoming him. His mouth slipped from her lips, to her shoulder and further still, enjoying the way her heart rate increased, an obvious sign of her excitement. His lips formed words and they rolled out in a silky, smooth, husky tone.

“Do you taste as good as grapes?”

His mouth closed over one erect nipple, suckling at it through the satin fabric of her bra. Her knees gave out and she held onto him to keep her frame afloat. With each new tug on her flesh, sparks of electricity rushed from her breasts and curled into her loins.

With a shaky breath, she thrust her chest forward a bit, to increase the contact with his mouth. The fabric was leaving a slightly bizarre aftertaste in his mouth, so he moved his lips to her shoulder and reached around her, unclasping the garments and dropping it into the water carelessly.

Erin paid no mind to the removal of the scrap of material. She wanted to feel her skin against his and to be as close to him as possible. When his mouth closed over her bare breast, a moan gurgled past her lips and her back arched all the more. A dull throbbing started between her legs and she fought back the desire to rub herself on his hard thigh, which was pressing now between hers. Her hands moved to the matted curls on his head, tunneling her fingers through the baby fine locks as his mouth devoured her rosy peaks.

Her moan was like music to his ears and he responded to it by dropping a hand to her hip, working his fingers under the elastic band of her underwear. He moved his lower body from hers to allow the downward motion of her remaining clothes. She kicked them off when they fell around her ankles and her legs hooked around his hips, her heels pressing into the small of his back and pushing him closer.

The new position forced his mouth back to hers. Her chest pressed into his and her nipples nearly burnt a hole through the rumpled wisps of hair on his chest. Her movements quickly became more wild and animalistic. Obviously, her shyness was wearing away. Her hands continued to run through his hair and with each passing moment, he finds his boxers becoming more and more restraining. His desire was very distinguishably displayed to her, as his hips ground continually into hers.

The evidence of his lust burned against the inside of her thigh and made her chest tighten with pure excitement. With a groan, he set her from him, placing her bottom on the pool deck and allowing her legs to dangle in the water. He used his arms and hoisted himself out and next to her. Her eyes narrowed on him and conveyed her confusion, and with a wicked grin, he stripped the boxers from his body.

Erin drew in a sharp breath as her eyes ate every inch of his bare skin up. She’d always joked that she’d have to have sex in the dark because she found the nude male body ugly, but there was nothing ugly about Brian’s body. Her lusty gaze showed her appreciation of him and it only made his motor run even hotter than it had been.

In a graceful movement, he was upon her, pressing her back against the tile of the deck, his body easing between her legs. His lips hovered over hers, teasing her by not allowing their lips to meet. Instead he moved his lips southward, dropping pecks here and there, speckling her skin with affection. His face lowered again at the curves of her breasts, but his mouth didn’t close on them. Instead, he rubbed his cheek against the delicate flesh, listening with a delighted expression as Erin drew in her breath.

The feeling of the harsh stubs of hair against her sensitive dermis sent a fire through her, which devoured her with its intoxicating flames. He paused and then moved to her opposite mound, repeating the process. He then continued his trek south, scared of giving her some sort of a burn if he failed to end the rubbing motions. When confronted with the hollow of her stomach, he dives face-first into it, rubbing his cheeks against her, and then following with his tongue to sooth away the pain. He was so thoroughly enjoying himself that he barely noticed the bittersweet torment she was going through.

Her limbs tugged at him, demanding him to fulfill her, to bury himself with her and give her release. With his own passion at its zenith, he complied to her wishes. His hands were placed on either side of her, to brace himself, and his lips lowered to hers. Her legs rewrapped themselves around his waist and with a sharp thrust forward, he entered her.

He was unprepared for the scream that followed his invasion of her, but it was well appreciated. That scream rang out in the air and hung there amongst the moisture and tension. It was not a scream of horror or pain, but one of a pleased woman. It was feral and erotic, which only added to his ardor.

His hips moved smoothly and gracefully into hers, grinding when they collided before pulling away and repeating the process. Erin’s hips responding eagerly to his, each thrust forcing another moan to roll off her lips and muffle against his.

As their passion spent itself, the storm drew ever closer. When Erin cried out for the finally time as waves of ecstasy rolled over her, the rain broke. The clouds released their burden onto the entwined lovers, washing away the stench of sex and sweat from their tired bodies.

Brian panted onto her chest, planting a few lazy kisses before speaking. His voice came out husky, his southern drawl more pronounced with the exhaustion that was sweeping him.

“Damn, baby. That was fabulous.”

Erin grinned and ducked her head to touch her lips gently to hers. Slowly, yet surely, her breathing returned to normal and she smiled at him, a serene moment washing over them despite the downpour that was leaving their skin slippery. She replied to his statement sweetly.

“If I had known it could have been this good, I would have married you months ago.”

She earned a chuckle in response and his lips moved to her neck, gently caressing the flesh there. After a few moments, he realized that it was raining and her huffed out his complaint.

“I thought it never rained in Tahiti. Some paradise.”

Laughter spilled from her throat and she gently pushed him off of her, fluttering her lashes.

“I’m going inside to finish my honeymoon in front of a warm fire. Feel free to join me.”

She pushed herself to her feet and moved into the beach house, her hips swaying in an over-exaggerated manner. A wicked grin flickered over his features and he pushed himself up and started after her. He didn’t need to be asked twice.

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