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02. The Glass Slippers - a(nother) Brian novel

Title: The Glass Slippers
Category: Novel
Word Count: 575
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre(s): Alternative Universe, Romance, Drama
Characters: Brian Littrell
Rating: G
Warning: There's death mentioned.
Disclaimer: I have no personal contact with Brian Littrell. He does not know that he's being used as the main character for this story - and I do not claim to have any ownership of his character. Everyone else in the story, though, is mine. Touch them and face the consequences.
Summary: Brian Littrell's wife lost her battle to breast cancer four years ago. He'd just begun to put his life back together when his oldest daughter, Abigail, is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. His whole world is falling apart again and it takes the help of his sister, her husband, and his youngest daughter's dance instructor - a young, bright, optimistic woman who sends Brian's head spinning whenever she gets next to him.
Author's Note: This is only the prologue. I will be adding more to this story as I get inspired to do so. I'll post a new little header each time I post a new chapter - because the rating will change as the story heats up. Parts of it will be NC-17 (I can never stop myself from adding good smut into a novel).

Brian Littrell stared down at the gave, noticing the way the grass had grown in thick, covering the dirt that had buried his wife’s coffin. He leant over and placed his bouquet of sunflowers at the base of the tombstone, covering up her death year. He dropped a hand to the gravestone, running his fingers over the etchings in the marble that spelled out her name. Elisabeth Marie Littrell.

He felt hot tears sting the backs of his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. Instead, he lowered himself to sit cross-legged in the grass, her tombstone still close enough to reach, though he didn’t reach out again to it. His gaze fell on the sunflowers and he started speaking in a low tone.

“I brought you sunflowers. I know they’re your favorite.” His voice faltered and he glanced around to see if anyone was listening in. The graveyard was deserted. He was probably the only person who came in the middle of a work day.

“The girls miss you. Abby’s trying so hard to be strong, but I keep telling her it just isn’t her job to play ‘Mommy’ for Beth and Clara. ” He let the air hang thick with the things he couldn’t bring himself to tell her, the things he wasn’t sure he wanted her to know. He sought for something else to bring to the conversation, feeling awkward and unsure of himself.

“We’re all lost without you. I…I don’t know what to do anymore, Lizzie. Maggie wants us to move with her and Tom. I…well, I’m considering it. The house is just too lonely without you.”

He paused again, his voice thick and full of tears. A few slipped past his closed eyes, a hand lifting to wipe them away. She’d been gone for six months and the grief was so thick he could barely breathe some days. This would be best for everyone.

He didn’t get a chance to bring an end to the conversation. A black Lincoln Navigator pulled up behind his beat up old pick-up. He turned at the noise of the vehicle, recognizing it to be his sister’s before the door flew open and his eldest daughter ran across the grass between them.

Brian opened his arms to her and bit back a grunt when the twelve-year-old girl hit his chest and crumbled in his arms, burying her face into the crook of his neck and breathing deeply.

“Aunt Maggie took us to the zoo.” She spoke softly, finally lifting her head and smiling at him with her mother’s smile, something that delighted him and brought a pang to his chest at the same time. He nodded slowly and offered a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. He stood slowly, placing Abby on the ground. His gaze moved back to the Navigator, where his sister had exited, holding Clara in her arms. She looked as though she wanted to give him his time, but at the same time, she’d had his girls all day and it wasn’t fair to her. Especially since she and Tom had yet to have any kids of their own.

Brian looked down at Abby as she gripped his hand in hers, smiling up at him again. “Are you ready to go home, sweetie?” He spoke softly, with a sweet expression on his face. She nodded in response and, without another word to each other, they started towards the cars.

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