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Calling all Backstreet Writers!

Club Bauhaus will be back in October, and we're looking for a few able-fingered Backstreet writers who would be interested in contributing. Club Bauhaus is a monthly online publication dedicated to the Backstreet Boys fan fiction world. In addition to highlighting fan fiction of exceptional quality and originality, Club Bauhaus would like to feature any topical Backstreet writings by fans -- fan non-fiction, if you will.

We are looking for:

  • Recommendations -- all Backstreet fiction you as a reader would recommend to others. We need a link to the story, title, author, rating and a one to three sentence explanation of why it's recommended. If you let us know your name and website or journal, we'll link back to you as the recommender.

  • Articles / Editorials -- any types of fan writing not encompassed by fiction, including but not limited to fiction analysis and review, fan observation, fan community, or textual analysis of video or song. Submissions should be proofread for correct spelling and syntax, and should be between 300-800 words in length.

  • Beta Readers -- Club Bauhaus would like to compile a list of readers interested in providing beta services to authors. A beta reader functions much like an editor of a novel, checking for spelling and grammar errors, and can also help with canon, plot and dialogue. We are also interested in authors looking for a beta reader.

    If you have any other topics or ideas that would fit well with Club Bauhaus, please let us know. We would love to include other submissions, as long as they feature Backstreet Boys fanfiction. Our e-mail address is if you have anything to submit, or have any questions (or comment to this post.)
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